Devoted to dogs


My name is Paula, and I’m the dog lover behind Walkies & Waggietails.  I’m simply devoted to dogs, and passionate about studying behaviour, communicating with them, and improving the dog and human relationship to aid a happy and harmonious life with their family.  My own dog inspired me to want to learn and understand more about behaviour and study my Honours Degree in Canine Behaviour and Advanced Training.

I set up Walkies & Waggietails dog walking and day care with the aim of helping others that want to have a dog, whilst juggling the demanding London lifestyle.  I take great pride in providing premium quality care and training, with support and advice for our clients.

I also teach our training classes, and aim to provide the highest level of kind and effective training techniques based on the most advanced scientific principles of canine theory.  We aspire to help owners understand the ‘how and why’ fun and positive training methods are so effective, using them in the right way to encourage good behaviour and enhance the dog and owner relationship.

In addition to all this, I am the Vice chair of the Association of Professional Dog Walkers, work collaboratively with various councils on dog walking licenses and DCO’s and provide talks and workshops for other dog professionals, including the Royal Parks and Kennel Club, to spread the word on professional practise and positive training.


My name is Lottie Hole and I have always loved being surrounded by animals. As a child,  I had a number of cats and a Border Terrier called Beezer, spending most of our weekends in Devon constantly outside in fields with my dog by my side or riding horses. My parents now have two more Borders, Oscar and Otto, whom I see as much as I can and look forward to having my own dog very soon.

Just like Paula I worked in the city for 10 years, which was certainly not my dream, but the need to get out of four walls fortunately helped me find Walkies & Waggietails. I am so excited to be a part of the team and doing something I love at last! Along with looking after our walking and day care dogs daily, I also assist with the puppy schools and dog training classes, while gaining my qualifications as an accredited dog trainer.