Enhancing the bond between you and your dog

‘Instead of trying to stop a behaviour, I like to think ‘how can we encourage a different one’? Instead of correction, we prefer positive reinforcement to reward good behaviour’

People are quick to blame owners and breeds for unwanted or seemingly ‘abnormal’ behaviours, but the truth is there are a number of contributing factors that effect our dogs temperament and personality.

Emotions, genetics, instinct, physiology, learned behaviours, diet, and the environment can all effect the dogs behaviour, and sometimes even a singular one-off event, that may go unnoticed to the human eye, can trigger a negative emotional response and result in unwanted behaviours that we feel suddenly came out of nowhere.

These behaviours, such as barking, growling, chewing and guarding are simply symptoms or coping mechanisms and are an entirely normal response for the way your dog is feeling.   The key in behavioral work is to better understand what your dog is trying to tell you, what is the underlying reason they are behaving in this way, and how can we positively train and protect them from these negative feelings to promote a healthy, happy wellbeing for your beloved furry family member.

As a qualified clinical behaviorist who has studied a degree in Canine Behaviour and Advanced training, I fully understand all of the contributing factors that may have resulted in your dog behaving in certain ways.  If you need help, we can work together to discuss your dogs history, diet, health, lifestyle or determine any events that may have caused your dog to feel they need to react in such away.  From this, I can then provide a full and detailed training plan, including every stage of training to get from where your are now, to how you would like your dog to behave in the future.  We will also have 3 practical sessions throughout the process to observe your progress every step of the way, and help with any sticking points you may come across in the training and ways to manage these behaviours in the meantime while you get from A-B.

If you would like help in changing your dogs behaviour in any way, from barking at the door, chasing cyclists, stealing balls, guarding items, right though to aggression, I can help to create positive reactions in these situations, while helping your dog to feel comfortable and happy and encourage the behaviours you want!

Initial behavioural consult and training plan:  £160.00
Follow up progress sessions 60 mins: £80.00