Dog Behaviour Advice

Creating the positive change you want to see in your dog.

Training can help to ‘manage’ unwanted behaviours, but behavioural modification will get to the root cause of the problem to enhance a positive change in your dogs responses and well-being.

There are a number of contributing factors that affect a dogs temperament and personality.  Emotions, genetics, animal instinct, physiology, diet, and the environment can all effect a dogs behaviour, and sometimes even a singular one-off event, that may go unnoticed to the human eye, can trigger a negative emotional response and result in unwanted behaviours that we feel suddenly came out of nowhere.

These behaviours, such as anxiety, fear, phobias, aggression, guarding and destruction are simply symptoms or coping mechanisms and are an entirely normal response for the way your dog is feeling.   The key in behavioural work is to better understand what your dog is trying to tell you, what is the underlying reason they are behaving in this way, and how can we positively protect them and change these negative feelings to promote a healthy, happy well-being for your beloved furry family member.

With an applied animal behavioural science degree education and years of practical experience, I fully understand all of the contributing factors that may have resulted in your dogs behaviour,  and will do a full assessment, diagnosis and put together practical steps and training plans to make the positive change you would like to see in your dog.   I will also work closely with your vet, and the behavioural rehabilitation programme is usually done in four stages:

  • Assessment and diagnosis
  • Initial consultation (to include both the theory and practical steps to help your dog) 1.5 – 2 hours
  • Full written behavioural report and training plan (to help get you from A-B)
  • Follow-up session (usually 4-6 weeks later to check on progress and move onto the final stages of treatment)

The behavioural modification programme is £280.00 to include all of the above and on-going support throughout the process.

On some occasions clients may choose to have some additional follow-up sessions at a discounted rate of £90 per hour.

If you would like help changing your dogs behaviour in a positive way, we can help to guide you and your dog through a Behavioural Modification Programme.