One to One

A kind and force-free approach to training that enhances the dog and owner’s relationship

Setting you and your dog up for Success!

One to one training is available for those people who need a more bespoke training plan for their individual needs and/or your dog is not suited to a class environment.

With my behavioural and advanced training degree education and 10 years working experience,  I only use the most up to date, scientifically proven, positive reward training methods that are kind and force free.  This also means using different kinds of rewards, motivations and techniques that are an incentive to your individual dog, for example I may use  clickers, treats, toys, play,  the environment and life rewards to name a few.  Not every dog learns in the same way, and so training can also be about problem solving and finding the right stimuli and inspirations for your dog to ensure they enjoy training and feel rewarded for good behaviour.

All one to one training programmes come with a full written training plan and step by step guide to help you and your dog achieve success.

Puppy Consults

A puppy consultation ensures that your puppy gets off to a great kick-start in those early weeks.    This includes everything from toilet and crate training, to daily routine, socialisation, handling, playing and preventing unwanted behaviours such as nipping, jumping up and separation anxiety.  I will also provide you with a personal written puppy training programme to help you achieve your goals and settle the puppy into their new family life.

£160.00 for 1.5 hour consultation and written training plan.

£90  25% discount if booked to with our puppy school course.

One to One Training Packages

One to One training includes both practical training sessions and a full personal written training plan to help you and your dog achieve your goals.   We can help encourage good behaviours both at home and on walks which might include any of the following:

  • Loose lead walking
  • Basic positions (sit, down, stay, drop and leave).
  • Improving recall around other dogs in busy or stimulating environments
  • Improved focus and response to you on walks
  • Socialisation
  • Impulse control when greeting people (both in and out of the house)
  • Reducing Jumping or mouthing
  • Reducing attention seeking behaviours
  • Preventing begging
  • Going to bed on cue
  • Emergency stops

Re-homing a dog

If you have recently re-homed a dog and would like help transitioning them to their new family and life-style we can help.  This may include anything from building a relationship, abandonment or separation issues, behavioural issues (see behavioural page) or just teaching them some basic communication and training both in and out of the house.

Preparing for a baby

A new baby is a big adjustment for everyone in the house, including your dog.   The key to ensuring a smooth relationship between your baby and your fur-baby is all in the preparation.   The work you do before your baby arrives will ensure that everyone feels safe, loved and happy and will relieve some of the pressure in those busy first new born months.

Likewise if you have just had a baby and your dog is behaving differently or finding it hard to adjust, such as stealing toys, inappropriate play, or becoming more needy or protective then we can help make the transition period easier for all of the family.   I am also speaking from experience with my own dogs and babies, and so will approach this in a way that is positive for the dog, time realistic for mum, and safe for baby.

Children and dogs

The relationship between children and dogs can be a beautiful one, and I have many happy memories growing up with dogs as my best friends! I also enjoying watching my own children develop a strong bond with our dogs.   However, this takes work and supervision from the parent to ensure safe and positive interactions between children and dogs.

If you would like help building their relationship, or if your child feels nervous of your dog, or your dog is avoiding or reacting to your child, then I can help to build a more positive bond.  This also includes helping you to read your dogs signals, providing safe games they can play together and involving your children in your dogs care and training too.  All of this managed within your family life-style.



One to one training sessions are £120 per hour with a full written training plan.

15% discount when booking 3 of more sessions as part of a training package.

25% discout if booking 6 or more ongoing training sessions.

One to One Training

Bespoke for you
£120.00 per hour

Practical steps and guidance with a full written training plan.

Training Packages

15% discount
£102 per hour

 When booking three or more one to one training sessions for any of the above.