Dog training

We offer a range of dog training classes from Puppy Schools, Junior/Intermediate courses and our Advanced classes, which include the Kennel Club Good Citizens Dog Scheme (Bronze, Silver and Gold awards).

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Why train your dog?

Good training will ensure your dog is well socialised, and is mentally and physically stimulated to become a well adjusted and happy companion.  We believe that all training should be positive and fun to ensure your dog is motivated by your rewards of play, attention and treats.  We also aim to help you communicate effectively with your dog, through body language and basic canine psychology.

A variety of dog training methods

Each dog is wonderfully unique, and motivated by different rewards, games and praise.  To ensure every breed is encouraged and motivated to learn, we use the full range of positive training methods available.  This includes 8 different training techniques including lure and reward, clicker training, capturing, stimulating, free-shaping, targeting, premack principle and 300 peck.

Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme

Walkies & Waggietails is part of the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme, teaching up to the Gold Award Level.   Bronze, Silver and Gold exams are part of the Progressive/Advanced level training classes.

Dog Training Class Times and Location

All our dog or puppy training classes are held on Tuesday evenings in the Kew Pavilion, Darrell Road, Richmond, TW9 4LB.

Puppy Prep School

Puppy schools can help provide positive socialisation experiences and encourage good behaviour while your pup is in the key learning stages of their development.

This seven week course will focus on providing you with the knowledge and ability to teach your puppy basic life skills that will ensure they grow into the happy, well- balanced and mannered dog you have always wanted.

During the course, you and your puppy will learn the following:

Basic positions such as sit, lie-down, stand-up, stay and settle.
Basic food and toy manners preventing possession including ‘leave’ and ‘off’.

  • Good ‘meet & greet’ manners that prevent jumping up and mouthing.
  • Good lead manners and loose lead walking.
  • Socialisation with people and playmates.
  • Guiding appropriate play.
  • Toilet training.
  • Crate training.
  • Safe handling, grooming and health inspections.
  • Learning to communicate with your dog, and reading their body language.
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Learn about the 10 key development stages that affect your pups learning and behavior.

Course Details

Age requirement: 8 – 18 weeks at the course start date (must have vaccination certificate)

Course Length: 7 weeks

Price per course:  £161.00 (£23.00 per class)

Course Dates

August – starts 14th August 2018 – Fully Booked

October – starts 2nd October 2018 – Fully Booked

November – 20th November 2018 @6.30pm  – booking now open   (25th Dec and 1st Jan bank holiday)

January – starts 8th January 2019 @ 7.30pm

Junior/Intermediate classes

The aim of our junior and intermediate course is to build upon and improve your basic skills , adapting them to real-life situations and advancing your dogs response in any place, any time.  

At this stage, we also introduce the use of clicker training and aspire to help you further understand the basic principles behind canine learning theory so that you can positively and effectively communicate with your dog.  

All dogs are welcome to join this class from four months of age with no upper age limit.  However, if your dog has no prior training, we may advise a one to one starter session before-hand.  

The junior/intermediate course includes:

  • Understanding the basic principles of canine psychology and learning theory
  • Development of basic skills such as sit, stay, down and heel to advance response times in any given circumstance and ‘real-life’ situations.  
  • Introducing clicker training
  • Teaching retrieve, drop, and give. 
  • Achieving good loose lead walking and heel throughout your walks.  
  • Improving impulse control such as leaving food, preventing jumping up and giving up toys.  
  • Learning door and car manners.  
  • Improving meet and greet and visitors arriving at home.   
  • Generalising behaviours to many different locations and situations.
  • Reducing the dependency on food for behaviours.

Course Details

Age requirement: Minimum 4 months with no upper age limit

 Course Length: 8 weeks

 Price per course:  £184.00 (£23.00 per class)

Course Dates

August – starts 21st August – Fully booked

October – starts 16th October – Fully booked

November – starts 27th November at 8.30pm.  (25th Dec and 1st Jan bank holiday) – Booking now open

Progressive/Advanced dog training

Our Progressive dog training classes are for those owners who would like to keep improving with their dog on a weekly basis, building their repertoire of skills and enhancing the dog and owner bond in a positive way.  For the obedience we work towards the Kennel Club Good Citizens Dog Scheme (Bronze/Silver/Gold awards).  We also add lots of fun stuff into the mix, including neat little tricks, games and agility.  

Course Details

The advanced level classes include:

  • Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards – Bronze/Silver/Gold
  • Progression to more advanced obedience skills
  • Fun tricks
  • Fun agility and equipment
  • Advanced clicker training with Freeshaping

Course Dates

Progressive/Advanced Training Club – Ongoing.

Attendees in the progressive club must have completed our Junior Course or achieved Kennel Club Good Citizens bronze award level.